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Sheri Doniger, DDS - Dental Industry Key Opinion Leader

“I began working with Michael about five years ago when I was the editor of Woman Dentist Journal (WDJ). I could always depend on him to provide me with timely information, samples of new products, and executive interview access that would be of keen interest to the magazine’s readers. Over time, we developed a highly collaborative working relationship. In fact, I considered Michael to be more of a strategic editorial contributor rather than a typical PR guy.
Professional References
When WDJ ceased publication entirely, I was very uncertain about how to pursue my passion for writing about woman-focused dentistry topics - That was until Michael and I had breakfast at a diner and he explained that being tied to one publication had been limiting my potential as an industry author and lecturer.

Michael then proceeded to map out the next chapter of my career as a dental industry key opinion leader (KOL). Acting as a combination publicist, career counselor and talent agent, Michael helped me secure an ongoing column in, an interview in First Impressions Magazine, and other writing assignments with most of the leading dental industry publications – all within two months.

He has also been advising me on my social media participation and helping me develop my own blog. Michael has been instrumental in helping me overcome a career set back and come back even stronger. I would highly recommend Michael as an excellent strategist in any media.
Michael Dunn, Vice President of Distance Learning at Spear Education

Michael, or "V" as the industry knows him, harnesses his vast public relations experience and solid industry connections to generate successful PR programs. From stand alone projects such as a simple press release to integrated PR support for product launches to industry first web-based trade press conferences, "V" simply gets the job done...and done well.”
Lisa Wadsworth, RDH - Dental Industry Key Opinion Leader

I've worked with Michael Ventriello for many years on projects ranging from product development, dental journal articles and dental project launches.

Mike studies the dental industry and understands the delicate nature of professional marketing and trade disclosures. We've had many discussions that required much discretion and trust. To this point I am proud to call Mike a professional confidant and friend.
There have also been times in my career that a bit of guidance and a different set of eyes have been helpful to evaluate particular consulting and job choices. Mike has encouraged me to think about myself first, and follow my heart in all decisions.

Balance and honesty are paramount in our profession, and Mike is always at the ready to keep the lines of communication open, yet protect the private interests of all. It is with complete confidence that I recommend Mike and am glad to know him.
Steve Diogo - Journalist and Media Strategist

As a a longtime business-to-business editor, I have worked with plenty of PR and marketing managers. Michael consistently was one of the few I enjoyed hearing from. Michael focuses on what works for his clients and the media he pitches... a rare and invaluable trait in my book. Creative, driven, persistent, polite and uniquely tuned in to what works. That's Mr. Ventriello in a nutshell.
Allen Shapiro - Marketing Executive

I have worked with Michael in multiple capacities for the better part of ten years. There is a reason for the length of this relationship. Simply stated, you will be hard pressed to find anyone better. Michael had an uncanny knack for understanding the task at hand and anticipating the next request. He is collaborative, strategic and more importantly someone you can trust that the work will be completed above any expectations you may have. Michael is a great person and friend you can and will come to rely on as I have.
Geoffrey Giordano - Journalist & Editor

“Michael is an extraordinarily conscientious PR professional of great integrity. While I served as group editor of Dental Tribune America, Michael was thoroughly invested in helping us achieve our editorial mission and arriving at mutually beneficial solutions for our clients and his. He is a valuable sounding board on the ins and outs of the dental industry, and he runs a tight ship, ensuring that his clients' messages are presented in a compelling, organized manner. I look forward to working with Michael again.
Teresa Duncan - Key Opinion Leader & Corporate Adviser

Mike Ventriello has helped me brainstorm many projects over the years. His knowledge of the industry trends and companies are such an asset. He knows the social media landscape inside and out. He has helped me tremendously with LinkedIn and has given me many ideas for marketing my blog and business. When I need help with my branding and strategy, I always talk with Mike. I recommend him without hesitation for anyone needing a knowledgeable individual who is also quite fun to work with!
Frank Bulzomi - Consumer Electronics Marketing Executive

When I first started at PNY Technologies, we were a fast growing computer technology company with very little focus on public relations. Then Mike joined our marketing team and utilized his broad experience and expertise and immediately was a significant contributor. Within his first 90 days we had more relevant global media exposure in print, broadcast and radio than any advertising budget could accomplish. Mike was up to speed quickly on the computer memory industry and related technology and became a key member of the management team not only in a public relations capacity but also as an objective advisor on strategic planning.
Ang Onorato - Executive Search Professional

Mike is a unique marketer. He has extraordinary vision and creativity and knows how to bring concepts, services and products to market with excellence. He was one of the best managers I have ever had in terms of his mentoring style, industry expertise and just a jovial personality that was infectious to be around. He 'knows his stuff' and is a true visionary in a field often over-run by only adequate marketing professionals - in this field he is truly a cut above the rest.”
Richard Rosenblatt, DDS - Dental Key Opinion Leader

I love working with Mike Ventriello! I'm a dentist that works with CAD/CAM dentistry. There was no one better than Mike when I was looking to find publications that wanted articles. I worked many trade shows with him and he was always organized and kept me prepared when setting up editorial interviews. He has a fantastic demeanor that makes you feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend Mike Ventriello.
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