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Ventriello Communications is Different

Here's Why... 

Here's The Ventriello Communications Story.

Michael Ventriello Dental Marketing & PR Expert

Ventriello Communications LLC was founded in 2013 by Michael Ventriello, who has 30 years of advertising, marketing and public relations experience in a variety of fields, including information technology, consumer electronics, healthcare, consumer packaged goods and more than a decade of specialization in the dental industry.


During his career, "V' as he is known by many peers and colleagues, has written attention-grabbing print ads, broadcast spots, direct mail pieces, sales collateral and web content for start-ups and large corporations alike.

Ventriello has also published countless ghostwritten and by-lined articles on many thought-provoking business, technology and clinical topics.  His experience as a journalist been a strong factor in Ventriello's ability to write and place feature articles in trade journals, business publications, consumer magazines and major daily newspapers.


What's more, Ventriello's broadcasting experience has contributed towards his success in placing news segments on cable news networks as well as major market television and radio stations

Michael Ventriello, Broadcaster

As an early advocate of internet marketing, Michael Ventriello has directed the design and created the content for many Web sites and email campaigns.


In fact, "V" has been integrating the principles of Internet marketing with those of public relations and traditional marketing communications to build brands and generate sales leads for almost two decades. In addition, this experience has proven to be a distinct advantage in his evolution as an accomplished social media stategist.

Michael Ventriello, presenting
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