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Linking Dentistry & Medicine

Introducing MESA:

Marketing, Education & Sales Associates


Ready to Launch? We've Got You Covered!

Recently, three dental industry thought leaders joined forces to form MESA™; Marketing, Education and Sales Associates. Michael Ventriello, Lisa Wadsworth, RDH, BS and Debbie Zafiropoulos, RDH are now collaborating to fulfill a growing need for integrated and cost effective launch plans for new dental industry companies and innovative products.

Are We a Good Fit?


The perfect MESA client prospect is an innovator in the earliest stages of its launch cycle that needs to ramp up its marketing, clinical education and sales efforts quickly and simultaneously. 


However, even large, established companies often fail to develop and integrate all the components needed for a successful launch. Our MESA program can help them as well. The following are examples of what can be included in a MESA™ Launch Program:

  • Public Relations

  • Messaging & Positioning

  • Advertising

  • Direct Marketing Lead Generation

  • Sales Materials / Brochures

  • Social Media


  • Training Webinars

  • In-Office training

  • Field Sales

  • Lead Follow-up

  • Hygiene Educator Training

  • Dental Meeting Booth Staffing

Meet The MESA Team

Michael Ventriello, Photo

Michael Ventriello

“The Product Launch Specialist,” is the owner of Ventriello Communications LLC, and has been focusing on dental industry public relations and marketing communications for more than a decade.


During this time, he has helped launch many game-changing companies and products.


Michael is also a frequent contributor of articles and commentary to dental industry trade journals. Contact him at

Lisa Wadsworth, RDH, BS

  • Dentistry’s Personal Coach and Clinical Educator”, is the owner of Lisa C. Wadsworth Inc., a consultancy focused on coaching and education for the entire dental team on periodontal protocol, oral systemic-links, implant dentistry, and ergonomics.


  • Lisa has worked as a dental assistant, implant surgical assistant and dental hygienist. She has also earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and certification as a life coach. 


  • Lisa is a frequent writer for many national hygiene publications and has been honored as one of the top 100 national CE speakers by Dentistry Today from 2007 to the present. Contact Lisa at

Debbie Zafiropoulos, RDH

  • “The Vigilant Hygienist,” is a cause-driven educator, passionate speaker and pioneer health crusader with a wealth of cutting edge information used to ignite total health and wellness.


  •  In addition to being well-attended, Debbie’s live programs have received accolades and earned her recognition as an A-list KOL educator. 


  • Widely known as “Debbie Z”, she is also a highly-regarded author and has been published in many dental industry publications. 


  • Debbie is also the founder of the National Cancer Network, a non-profit with the mission of raising awareness to prevent late stage diagnosis of all cancers through multiple platforms of prevention, protection, screening and referrals.  


  • She was also a recipient of the 2017 Sunstar Award of Distinction and the 2017 Dental Products Report’s Top 25 Women in Dentistry. Contact Debbie at

Companies preparing to launch and interested in learning more about MESA™ and its launch services, can contact Michael Ventriello via
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